Run java monitoring tools inside a JRE (not JDK)

Monitoring tools are not included in JRE so if you can’t install a JDK the following files can be copied to the JRE.
Note! The JDK must match the JRE version.

All platforms

<JDK_ROOT>/lib/tools.jar –> <JRE_ROOT>/lib/tools.jar
<JDK_ROOT>/lib/jconsole.jar –> <JRE_ROOT>/lib/jconsole.jar

Ubuntu 12.04

<JDK_ROOT>/jre/lib/amd64/ –> <JRE_ROOT>/bin/
<JDK_ROOT>/bin/jconsole –> <JRE_ROOT>/bin/jconsole
<JDK_ROOT>/bin/jmap –> <JRE_ROOT>/bin/jmap
<JDK_ROOT>/bin/jps -> <JRE_ROOT>/bin/jps


<JDK_ROOT>\bin\jconsole.exe –> <JRE_ROOT>\bin
attach.dll – <JRE_ROOT>\bin
jmap.exe – <JRE_ROOT>\bin
jps.exe - <JRE_ROOT>\bin

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